When you do need a license

An insurance license is required (www.apps.leg.wa.gov) whenever individuals transact insurance, including insurance activities such as:


  • Urging or advising any prospective purchaser to buy any particular policy or to insure with any particular company.
  • Initiating sales over the telephone or otherwise.


  • Disseminating information as to coverages in general or for any particular policy, except that this shall not prohibit the dissemination of buyer's guides or applications for coverage in response to request from prospective policyholders.
  • Disseminating information as to rates in general or for any particular policy where the rate cannot be secured by referring to a published or printed list of standard rates.
  • Completing or signing applications for insurance.
  • Making or proposing to make an insurance contract.
  • Authorizing the issuance or delivery of certificates of insurance, endorsements, binders or insurance policies or insurance and insurance policies.


  • Discussing or describing the coverages or terms of a proposed contract of insurance with a prospective policyholder including counseling as to which coverages to buy.
  • Discussing the effect of age, health or other risk-related conditions of the prospective policyholder.
  • Collecting premiums in person at other than a recorded place of business.
  • Responding to a policyholder's request for advice or counsel regarding policy provisions or coverage.
  • Initiating an inquiry as to the terms of existing coverage, except exclusively in the course of the clerical duties.
  • Recommending or independently initiating additions or deletions to an insured's policy.


Updated 04/28/2014

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