Self-service storage - business entity non-resident

Any owner of a facility licensed as a specialty lines insurance producer to offer, sell, or solicit self-service storage insurance. See RCW 48.170.005 (

To apply for a self-service storage license submit the following forms and materials:

We encourage you to read RCW 48.170 (, which are the laws that govern the self-service storage license.


Additional materials

A list of all locations where you will offer, sell or solicit self-service storage insurance.

A copy of your employee-education-and-training program:

  • Every self-service storage insurance producer is required to provide our office with his or her employee-training-and-education program.
  • Each employee must complete the training.
  • The training program must be submitted to and approved by our office prior to being offered.
  • The program must meet the minimum standards established by RCW 48.170.070(4) (
  • We offer a list of training-program topics (PDF, 41KB).
  • A list of all employees at each location who will offer, sell or solicit insurance. This list must identify who the manager or direct supervisor is at each location. All employees must be at least 18 years of age, be trustworthy and have committed no violations as listed in RCW 48.17.530 (

Note: You must keep a current list of authorized employees and report any changes, deletions, or additions to our office within 30 days.

  • Written disclosure materials regarding the program as outlined in RCW.48.170.060 ( It must summarize the material terms of insurance coverage and must be available to occupants where the insurance is sold.

Fee schedule


  • Fewer than 50 employees: $130
  • 50 or more employees: $375


  • One location: no additional fee
  • Two or more locations: $35 for each additional location

Updated 07/30/2014

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