2006 Market Conduct & examination reports

The examinations and orders posted here are unverified electronic duplicates of the official documents actually entered. To order an official version, email shellyg@oic.wa.gov or call 360-725-7203.


Company name Examination report adoption date Order number
Red Shield Insurance Company 1/30/2006 (PDF, 948KB) G06-3 (PDF, 132KB)
Pacific NW Title Insurance Company, Inc. 2/13/2006 (PDF, 881KB) G06-6 (PDF, 122KB)
American International Insurance Company, AIU Insurance Company, American Home Assurance Company, Birmingham Fire Insurance Company of Pennsylvania 2/14/2006 (PDF, 2.2MB) G06-9 (PDF, 229KB)
Farmers Insurance Exchange, Truck Insurance Exchange 2/14/2006 (PDF, 1.1MB) G06-7(PDF, 1176KB)
North Coast Life Insurance Company 2/14/2006 (PDF, 2.2MB) G06-8 (PDF, 229KB)
Pacific Visioncare Washington, Inc. 3/14/2006 (PDF, 1.1MB) G06-14 (PDF, 164KB)
Willamette Dental of Washington, Inc. 5/19/2006 (PDF, 1.5MB) G06-41 (PDF, 160KB)
Dental Health Services, Inc. 7/14/2006 (PDF, 947KB) G06-44 (PDF, 108KB)
Molina Healthcare of Washington, Inc. 7/14/2006 (PDF, 1.3MB) G06-46 (PDF, 148KB)
Financial Indemnity Company, Alpha Property and Casualty Insurance Company 7/23/2006 (PDF, 1.5MB) G06-47 (PDF, 137KB)
Arcadian Health Plan, Inc. 8/23/2006 (PDF, 927KB) G06-54 (PDF, 99KB)
Vision Service Plan 9/25/2006 (PDF, 1.2MB) G06-57 (PDF, 137KB)
American Commerce Insurance Company 10/25/2006 (PDF, 1.9MB) G06-60 (PDF, 116KB)
Balboa Insurance Company, Merit Plan Insurance Company 12/4/2006 (PDF, 2.4MB) G06-65 (PDF, 129KB)
Omni Insurance Company, Omni Indemnity Company, Trumbull Insurance Company 12/4/2006 (PDF, 2.3MB) G06-68 (PDF, 137KB)


The Market Conduct Examinations and Orders adopted by the Washington State Office of the Insurance Commissioner are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

To order official copies, email shellyg@oic.wa.gov or call 360-725-7203. Please state the order number with your request.

Updated 04/03/2014

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