2001 Financial examination reports

The examinations and orders posted here are electronic duplicates of the official adopted report documents. For an official, hard copy of the report and order, please email Colleen Jansen or call 206-464-7054.

Company name Type Scope Examination
Order date
States West Life Ins Co L&D Full Scope, 1992-1996 12/31/1996 1/30/2001
Western United Life Assurance Co L&D Full Scope, 1994-1999 12/31/1999 6/6/2001
Family Life Ins Co L&D Full Scope, 1994-1998 12/31/1998 6/28/2001
Investors Life Ins Co of North America L&D Full Scope, 1994-1998 12/31/1998 6/28/2001
Consumers Ins P&C Full Scope, 1994-1999 12/31/1999 6/29/2001
Mutual of Enumclaw L&D Full Scope, 1995-1999 12/31/1999 6/29/2001

These are Financial Examinations and Orders adopted in 2001 by Mike Kreidler, Washington State Insurance commissioner. Financial Examinations and Orders by the Office of the Insurance Commissioner are a primary tool in protecting the people of Washington.

For official copies of these items, please state the order number.

Updated 03/27/2014

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