Credit scoring and insurance

Most insurance companies today use information in your credit history and other factors to decide if they'll offer you coverage and to calculate your rate.

Each company weighs these factors differently, so your score will vary from company to company.

Frequently asked questions
Get answers to commonly asked questions such as what factors companies look at and how to get a better score.

What credit information insurers cannot consider
Even though insurers can consider your credit history, you have rights. There are several factors they cannot consider.

We've tried to limit credit scoring in insurance

Commissioner Kreidler believes credit scoring in insurance is inherently unfair - especially in today's economy. He's tried to limit and even ban the practice (PDF, 96KB)( See a report about the effects of credit scoring on auto insurance underwriting and pricing (PDF, 285KB) and the implementation of the credit scoring law (PDF, 1MB).

Updated 01/25/2016

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