How we help consumers

We’re here to help. Contacting us gets results.

In 2013, we: 

  • Received and processed 5,040 consumer complaints, resulting in recovery of $8,480,477 related to insurance billings, refunds and various claim-handling issues.
  • Answered 76,396 calls to our consumer hotline regarding insurance issues, rights and responsibilities.
  • Responded to 6,719 written consumer  inquiries.
  • Mailed 2,734 insurance-related publications to consumers upon their request.
  • Helped consumers resolve various policy issues, including claims, billing, and underwriting problems, and offered referral services to other organizations and state agencies.

We provide excellent access, communication, education and information services to consumers.

In 2013, we:

  • Provided consumers with 24/7 online access to information and complaint filings.
  • Created, maintained, edited and revised 192 webpages to provide up-to-date, useful consumer insurance information.
  • Returned phone calls to consumers who contacted our agency after hours requesting a return phone call.
  • Met one-on-one with walk-in consumers to assist them with their insurance questions and issues.
  • Presented insurance information to community groups and at outreach events.
  • We often share consumer protection information on our blog ( and on Twitter at @WA_OIC (

Updated 07/15/2014

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